With an urge to cater best services as an N.G.O. to the mass of people in our state and nation, our society came into being since the year 2004 and adopted resolution to work for Rural Development,  Urban Development, Women and Child Development, Development for the PWDs and other Technological and Scientific Development, Artisan Development, Minorities and Backward Class  Development, Youth Development, Agricultural and Horticultural Development and bringing standard growth of the state and nation. Both unemployment and poverty are curse to the people and we have resolved to fight against these unwanted  reigning deep-seated curse.                                              


We have plans for fighting against situation that cause ill-health and malnutrition, disease and pollution etc. We feel also an urge for the need to work for the poor people (Specially B.P.L.) Cultivators, Growers, Processors, Manufacturers, Handicrafts Artisans, Less-educated people, unemployed youth, Sick & Indigent People, Helpless Women and Child together with the Persons with Disabilities ( PWD) , for which we got the registration from the Commissioner of  PWDs,  Govt. of W. Bengal. Besides the above, Industrial and Technological Development along with Market Development is another Target & Moto of this Organization.