Work Done by This Society in the FY : 2016 -17. 

A) The society has by this time, extended service as usual towards issuance of new / revised for the identified handicraft artisans in the J.B.Pur, Bagnan-I & II,Domjur, Uluberia- I & II, Shyampur – I & II, Amta – I & II, Sankrail  and Panchla Block of Howrah and also in HMC as an added   

B) As per work order of the Office of the D.C.(Handicrafts), Marketing & Service Extension Centre, Burdwan our two officers completed Enumeration work for filling up of Data Base Forms for Artisan Identity Card in Domjur on 15.03.2017, Bagnan-II on 20.03.2017 & 21.03.2017, Sankrail on 18.3.2017 and J.B.pur on 14.03.2017. They covered more than 300 artisans.

C) In association with D.I.C., Howrah on Coir Development Programme under Directorate

           of MSME, Govt. of West Bengal :

Sl. no. Date Name of programme Place No. of participants
1 16.03.2017 (inaugural day)  to 03.06.2017

( for 2 months )



Nimdighi Coir centre, Uluberia 20
2 16.03.2017 (inaugural day) to 04.09.2017

( for 6 months )



Nimdighi Coir centre, Uluberia 21


C)In association with District Social Welfare Office, Howrah,  of West Bengal :


Sl. No. Date Name of programme Place No. of participants
1 18.11.2016

(One Day)

Awareness Camp on Girls’ Education & Social Protection  (with a Talking Doll / Model Show} J.B.Pur G.P.- II office premises, J. B. Pur, Howrah 66 [ 30 Girls (students) & 36 Ladies from local SHGs ]
2 22.11.2016

(One Day)

Awareness Camp on Girls’ Education & Social Protection

(with a Talking Doll / Model Show}

Nehru Balika Vidyalay, Domjur,


73 [ 53 Girls (students) & 20 Ladies from local SHG/SGSY groups ]

 D)In association with LICI under HAVY

    We recommended 107, 144 & 98 artisans to be covered ( in 3 phases ) under HAVY and policies under three distinct numbers have been issued covering 359 artisans respectively.

Additionally one accidental death claim (duly signed by the nominee) was forwarded to the D.C.(H) and  it has been ultimately released by LICI ( amounting to Rs. 1.5 lakh ) within One month from the date of claim

E) Child Inspectorate programme of Howrah

We rendered our effort for formation of Child Protection Committees in Ward no. 49  & 50 of HMC and  four Blocks (Bagnan-Ii, Domjur, Bally Jagachha & Jagatballavpu , as assigned to us.

We organized two awareness programmes on Child Right & Protection in Domjur and Jagatballavpur Block

F) Sector Leadership Programme (SLP) for two Clusters jointly with  I.C., Howrah

      We undertook two such programmes in 2016 -17 ,  one on Zari cluster in Sankrail  and the  other on    

      Gems & Jewellery cluster  in Domjur

G) New proposal for skill development training

       Some fresh proposals of Training Programmes in different trades have been submitted to different      

       offices who are dealing with such programmes for youth.


H) Others


  1. We have obtained Registration under I. T. Act 12AA from Income Tax Department, Govt. of India for  

           getting exemption from paying I.T.

  1. Regarding AHVY we have applied on line, for empanelment, as directed. However no further

          progress has been achieved even after several reminders.

  1. Regarding ADIP we have also applied afresh on line for empanelment. We have not yet received any

          further fund to this effect.

: Other Works done by this Society are as follows :


 1)     Regular survey on cluster development activities ( Zari–Embroidery,  Imitation Jewellery,  Batik, Tie & 

         Dye, Appliqué, Fabric, Jute, Clay, Wood, Sholapith, Hand Embroidery and other different Crafts etc.)


 2)     Implementation of HABY of L. I. C. ( I )   and  Siksha  Sahajog Yojana of  L.I.C ( I )  etc in regular   



 3)     Distribution of Artisan I / Cards   issued by O/o the D.C.( H ), Ministry of  Textile,  Govt. of India.


  4)  Counseled and trained Entrepreneurs & S.H.G. members and unemployed youth for self employment.


  5)   Under our supervision Scholarships were received by 98 Nos of students(Artisans’ Ward) under    

        “Siksha Sohayog Yogana”of LIC(I) in different blocks of Howrah District.


  6)   Organised ‘COIR’ training Programme at Uluberia – I Block for 40 and 20 (out of 40 trainees of the 1st

         programme) candidate for 2 months and 4 months respectively.


  7)   Submitted ‘Death Claim’ of 1 ‘Deceased Artisan’ of Sadatpur village under Handicraft Artisan Bima  

        Yojana of LIC(I) at  J.B.Pur Block and the nominee received Rs.1,50,000/-.


  8)   As we (HOWRAH GREEN WORLD) are selected For the Formation of CHILD PROTECTION  

        COMMITTEE, we already started the formation process of B.L.C.P.C. with co-operation with the  

        B.D.O.& C.D.P.O. of the alloted Blocks for H.G.W.


  9)   Continuing work for clusters, as assigned by DIC, Howrah..


 10)  Continuing ‘Swawlamban’ Project follow up & Monitoring Entrepreneurship Development etc.