Howrah Green World Established in the year 1997 and got its registration on 02.12.2004

Our Vision & Goal –

a) To improve Educational atmosphere, Health, Nutrition, Environment, Livelihood Development, Development of PWDs,Income Generation, Skill Development and Standard of Living through General Awareness Programmes, Camp, Training, Seminar, Workshop etc.



b) To form Self Help Group for development of Textile Sectors (viz – Zari, Batik, Aplic, Embroidery, Block, Fabric & Tailoring etc.), Immitation Jewellery, Agricultural & Horticultural Sectors together with Food Processing & Packaging Sectors by way of improving the livelihood and skill of the beneficiaries for self employment.

c) To impart training in Mushroom Cultivation, Horticulture Development (Specially, Medicinal Plants), Food Processing, Textile Designing and other Handicrafts,Packaging Development and Marketing Strategy (viz – Local, Domestic & Export) etc.

d) To take part in Entrepreneurship Development Programmes under any Govt. Scheme and many more.








Now, our Society has it’s own identity to various departments of Central and State- Government and we are favoured with enquires for different project works. At present our Society has also good store with volume of achievements performing works with diversification and gradually gaining credentials from different corners which are as follows :–


  • We have counseled more than 6000 number of enquirers since inception during 13 years and some of them are qualified unemployed, some of them are cultivators and growers, some of them are helpless women and craft persons and others are businessmen and entrepreneurs together with the members of S.H.G. & S.G.S.Y. Groups or from PWD or Minority or Backward Categories etc.



  • Every year we have trained a good number. of qualified unemployed youth in our Training Centre itself at Howrah. Most of them have already established their business in the sector of food. Mushroom, Medicinal Plants, Batik, Tie & Dye, Appliqué etc. and Packaging and Marketing and in other Handicraft Sector also.



  • Our Training centre was also selected by the West Bengal Consultancy Organization Limited, ( of W. Bengal Enterprise ) and District Industries Centre of Howrah  (Govt. of W. Bengal) during the year, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2011 2012 for organizing their, ‘ Entrepreneurship Development Training Programme ‘ on the Trade-“Beautician, Food Processing & Domestic Appliances”  which was sponsored by DIC-Howrah & Depts. of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of W. Bengal, respectively. Also selected by the DSWO / DPO, Howrah under Office of the D.M, Howrah, Govt. of West Bengal for Training of the Trainers’ (T.O.T.) of the CDPOs under Food & Nutrition Board, Govt. of India, during February 2017.  This Organization ‘ HOWRAH GREEN WORLD’ was selected for organizing the above programme because of :-


  1. i) It is centrally situated in the District of Howrah.
  2. ii)It has Convenient Communication availabilities, by Road and Rail both ways.

      There exists favorable atmosphere for imparting training

          iv) There exists good number of experienced Faculty members    and Trainers in different trades.

v) It has excellent internal infrastructure etc.

i) Issuance of Artisan’s I /card, issued by DC (H) & implementation of J.B.Y/ S.S.Y of LIC(I)

ii) Self-employment oriented training Programme

iii)    Awareness Programme on Handicrafts & Artisans

iv) Local Economic Development Programm

v) Livelihood Development Programme

vi) Registration-Cum-Evaluation & Awareness Camp for the PWDs (persons with disabilities) under

        “ADIP” Scheme Government Of India.

vii)    National Environment Awareness Camp (NEAC) on the Theme ‘Climate Change / Global Warming’.

viii)  Skill Development Training Programme

ix) Entrepreneurship Development Programme

x) Workshops on Export Procedure & Documentation

xi) Participation in different Fairs & Exhibitions etc

xii)   Cluster Development Programme under MSME Sectors

xiii)  Sector Leadership Projects under MSME Sectors etc.

 We achieved success by doing sincere and hard work and developed relationship between our society and various departments as well as general people for execution of development work. So, it is needless to say that our Society plays very important role in developing different programs to train the Handicraft Artisans, SHG / SGSY group members, Less Educated and Unemployed Youth, Helpless Women & Child and the PWD, Backward & Minority Categories etc.